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Links and Resources

Other Glass Artists

William Morris - offhand glass sculptor

Paul Stankard - lampworked paperweight artist

Vittorio Costantini - Venetian lampworked glass sculptor

Leopold & Rudolf Blaschka

Gianni Toso - Venetian lampworked glass sculptor

Lucio Bubacco - Venetian lampworked glass sculptor

Jupiter Nielsen - lampworked glass sculptor

Carmen Lozar - lampworked glass sculptor

Glass Organizations

Glass Art Society (GAS)

International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB)

ISGB Boston Chapter

Corning Museum of Glass

Glass Artists - Lots & lots & LOTS of glass art to look at.

Flameworking Supplies

Arrow Springs

Glass Torch Technologies

Frantz Art Glass & Supply


Living Jewels - stunning close-up studio photographs of beetles

Harvard's entomology collection - Database SUPER close-up insect photos.

Form and Pheromone - very cool collages of insects

Jennifer Angus - insect installations

Weird (& Possibly Macabre) Art

Tessa Farmer - mixed media

Mike Libby - Insect Lab Studios

Albrecht Dürer - German painter & engraver, late Gothic - early Renaissance

Hajime Emoto - Museum of Fantastic Specimens (Japanese only - just click through links to pictures!)

Giuseppe Arcimboldo - Italian painter, mid-Renaissance

Jessica Joslin - biomechanical sculpture

Edouard Martinet - biomechanical sculpture

Michel Gagné - illustrator


My wife, the internationally touring cellist, also know as Professor & Doctor Rebecca Hartka!

Quality woodworking: The Silver Leaf Company


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Wesley Fleming, glass sculptorWesley Fleming, glass sculptor


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